Friday, 29 June 2018

June 18 Portfolio update, 60% toward 2018 goal.

For the month of June I have
  1. Bought back 8k shares of AA Reit at $1.38
  2. Bought back 10k shares of MGCCT at $1.14, with this I returned back the profit I have earlier and my average price will be $0.92
  3. Bought back 20k shares of CRCT at $1.55, with this I returned back the profit I have earlier and my average price will be $1.46
  4. Bought 8.5k FCOT shares at $1.37
  5. Sold 47.2k shares of First Reit at $1.37
Feel the pain for CRCT as when I bought at $1.55 the next hour it drop few cents and the next few days it was drop until $1.46, This is the fund from selling First Reit to diversify my concentration risk and I should be able to get the same yield as First Reit plus a little bit bonus as CRCT is bi-annual dividend and it is going to pay in next quarter.

I will divest some more of my First Reit when the price is right for me.

RHT deadline to be bought over by Fortis is getting nearer and if the price is above my cost, I will let it go and move on.

Total dividend and trading profit for 1st half of 2018 stood at $17.5k and based on my current holding I should be able to hit the profit of $28k i have set this year and may hit $30k.

My current portfolio

First REIT46.47%
Frasers logistics and Industrial21.25%
Religare Health Trust (RHT)8.95%
CapitaLand Retail China Trust7.02%
IReit Global3.81%
EC World2.81%
Frasers Commercial Trust2.67%
Mapletree Greater China Trust2.62%
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT2.53%
Fortune REIT1.87%

Saturday, 2 June 2018

First Reit Q1FY18 Overdue due dilligence

First REIT has been my largest allocation and recently saw a few articles highlight on the growing receivable which make me feel need to dig deeper due to my experience with RHT where Fortis has been delaying the payment.

First REIT generally has been a stable reit however with the recent news on the liquidity of the Sponsor (Lippo Karawaci) this also could end up like RHT case as the Indonesia assets account more than 95% of the total assets.

I emailed the investor relationship to ask about the growing receivable and it is indeed there has been a delay in collecting the rental in advance however it is not overdue like RHT case. The REIT manage is pro-actively managing the situation. With this, I will need to pay more attention if it will improve the rental collection rather than my past taking for granted on First REIT.

In general, I am ok with First Reit performance except the growing receivable and it has been quite sometime I want to reduce my allocation to the First Reit to balance out my reit allocation and finally this Thursday I sold out 47,200 shares. I will likely to reduce this further by another 50,000 shares.

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