Saturday, 3 November 2018

End Oct 18 Portfolio update - 2018 Profit target achieved ^_^

Total Market Value as of 1st Nov stood around $400,000 and it yield about $28,000 dividend.

My portfolio market value has drop from $420,000 end of last year to $400,000, the biggest drag come from First Reit due to the issue that the Sponsor currently has that I blogged here.

I have achieved my target I set for this year to earn $28,000 this year as at 1st Nov 18 currently my realized capital gain and dividend reach $28,780.

With FLT yet to announce their dividend, Likely I will hit $30,000.

Below are my current holding from the largest to the smallest.

First REIT
Frasers logistics and Industrial
CapitaLand Retail China Trust
Mapletree Greater China Trust
IReit Global
EC World
Frasers Commercial Trust
Fortune REIT
Fraser Property
Apac Reality


  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on your achievement!

    May i know out of $400,000, how much is your invested capital?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for visiting :)

      My invested capital is around $300k before deducting the dividend and trading profit i had so far.

    2. Hi An Ordinary,

      Thanks for the reply.

      I saw your total realised profit so far is about $170k based on your post, did you mean that your pure invested capital (from other sources) is only $130k? So your realised profit + paper profit is abt $270k?

      Wow.....such a good achievement!

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